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CoRMSA’s presentation to the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development

CoRMSA recommends that the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development should monitor and ensure that all the policy developments and implementations are in compliance with the Constitution. This is to ensure that everyone, including asylum seekers, refugees and migrants are equally protected before the law as a way of reducing xenophobic actions, racism, …

Home Affairs: Online application process and required documents for refugees dependents IDs and traveling documents

Who qualifies for the refugee dependents IDs and traveling documents, what do you need to apply online and how to apply?

Click the link for full information: 

Home Affairs Online applications for enabling documents 19 July 2021

Covid-19 Vaccination registration for 35 years old and above : CoRMSA’s position on Covid-19 Vaccine Roll-out process

Register for Covid- 19 vaccination if you are 35 years old and above. Read CoRMSA’s position on Covid-19 Roll-out process in the link below.

Vaccination is open to everyone who is 35 years and above

Click the link  for full information:

Registration procedure for vaccination ( 35 years and above)

Cormsa’position on Covid-19 vaccine roll out


Home Affairs : Call for online applications for IDs and travel documents for all dependents of refugees…

The Department of Home Affairs has opened online applications of IDs and travel documents for all dependents of refugees who are in matric or wish to pursue their studies or have an employment offer.

Click the attachment below for full information:

Invitation to Dependants of Refugees to Apply for ID and Travel Documents

[PRESS STATEMENT] National Heritage Day 2020 | Building a #CollectiveCulture

The 24th of September, Heritage Day, in South Africa, is reserved as a national public holiday to celebrate the diverse cultures and traditions that make up South Africa’s contemporary social life.

South Africa’s history is scarred by divisive regimes including colonialism and apartheid which sought to create a segregated and unequal society through a racialized social structure. In celebrating South Africa’s liberation and the wealth of cultural diversity. This day of celebration enables the prioritisation of the all people from across the African continent and rest of the world who contribute to the rich cultures and forms of knowledge we have in South Africa today.

The theme for Heritage Day 2020 is celebrating South Africa’s living treasures’[1]. In launching this theme Minister Nathi Mthethwa noted that the Department of Arts and Culture would double-up the effort in ensuring that these suppressed knowledge forms receive the recognition and support they deserve; not only for aesthetic reasons, but also because of the potentiality of their political economy.’ This was also echoed by President of Republic of South Africa in his speech on the easing of lockdown alert level on the 16th September 2020 when he reiterated that “I urge everyone to use this public holiday as family time, to reflect on the difficult journey we have all travelled, to remember those who have lost their lives, and to quietly rejoice in the remarkable and diverse heritage of our nation”. He further   indicated that it will take the combined effort of each and every South African to restore our nation to prosperity and development.

For inquiries or more information please contact: Thifulufheli Sinthumule (CoRMSA) 71 358 0059 or Muluti Phiri 71 15 00113 Abigail Dawson (CoRMSA) +27 74 851 5683

[PRESS STATEMENT] World Refugee Day 2020

Immediate release:                                                                                                                  20 June 2020

World Refugee Day 2020: Standing As One with Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Today, on the 20th June 2020, the world stands in solidarity and strength with all refugees and asylum seekers in marking World Refugee Day. World Refugee Day is an opportunity to firstly, raise awareness and honour the courage, strength and determination of millions of women, men and children who are forced to flee their homes under the threat of persecution, conflict and or violence. Secondly, to celebrate their contribution and inclusion in our neighbourhoods, cities and country.

This year’s theme for World Refugee Day is ‘Every Action Counts’. At a time when the world is faced by a global health emergency which is having unprecedented social, economic and psychological impact on the most vulnerable people in our societies, which includes refugees and asylum seekers, and whose vulnerability has been compounded by the impact of COVID-19. It is imperative that as a global community we do all that we can to support and protect those who need it most.

On this day, CoRMSA welcomes and supports the timeous victory by member organisation Scalabrini Centre of Cape Town, in their urgent litigation challenging the exclusion of asylum seekers and special permit holders from the COVID-19 special relief of distress grant. Meaning a specific group of non-citizens including asylum seekers and special permit holders can access these funds, if eligible. This is a progressive move in ensuring the most vulnerable and needy in our communities are provided for. It is imperative in the fight against COVID-19 that or response includes all those at risk to ensure the effectiveness of the response.

The resurgence of the #BlackLivesMatter movement around the globe has shown the immediate need for a world that is more inclusive and equal for all people. The Consortium for Refugees and Migrants in South Africa (CoRMSA) commits itself to continually pursue and advocate for South Africa’s social fabric, economic practice and policy implementation to be accessible and inclusive of refugees and asylum seekers and all those living in South Africa.

While this year is different from others and we can’t commemorate this day in person as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, under this years theme ‘Every Action Counts’ CoRMSA is inviting everyone to follow our social media campaign #StandAsOne in which people can participate in various actions including donating to organisations assisting refugees and asylum seekers, watching short films, making a pledge to include refugees and asylum seekers and standing in solidarity with refugees and asylum seekers living in South Africa and around the globe.

For inquiries or more information please contact: Thifulufheli Sinthumule (CoRMSA) 71358 0059 or Abigail Dawson (CoRMSA) +27748515683 or Muluti Phiri (CoRMSA)

[PRESS STATEMENT] Youth Day 2020: Black Youth Lives Matter

Immediate release:                                                                                                                  16 June 2020


[PRESS STATEMENT] Youth Day 2020 “Black Youth Lives Matter ”


June 16th is South Africa’s Youth Day in commemoration of the 1976 Soweto Youth uprising. On this day, thousands of students from Soweto protested in defiance to Bantu Education, which institutionalised Afrikaans as a medium language of instruction. The Soweto uprising was a series of demonstrations and protests led by black school children in South Africa that began on the morning of 16 June 1976. Over 10 000 peaceful protesting students were met by heavily armed police who fired live ammunition on protesting students, killing many innocent lives. This uprising gave significant strength to the liberation struggle in exposing the brutality of the apartheid state.

South Africa commemorates Youth Day annually in remembrance of the significance of the Soweto uprising and the bravery of those who fought and lost their lives for equality and justice for all who live in South Africa.  This year’s Youth Day is being commemorated in the midst of a global health pandemic, COVID-19, which has fundamentally affected and changed the way we think about our futures. At the same time the global #BlackLivesMatter movement is continuing efforts to dismantle and rise up against historical structural racism which has resulted in police brutality, inequality, xenophobia, racism and disregard for human rights.

In South Africa, COVID-19 has once again revealed the absence of real transformation to ensure the wellness and dignity of all people living in South Africa. The #BlackLivesMatter movement shows yet again the strength, solidarity and importance of young people in re imagining the world they want to live in, similar to the struggles of the 1976 youth in Soweto.

Read Full Statement here

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