CoRMSA in the Media


Ukzndabaonline: World Refugee Day: CoRMSA, alongside the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, honours the resilience of millions of refugees who have been displaced from their homes due to threats of prosecution, conflict and violence.


eNCA News: World Refugee Day: CorMSA calls Home Affairs and other relevant government departments to document asylum seekers, migrants and refugees for easy access to healthcare, education and social security services.

World Refugee Day

SABC Channel Africa: World Refugee Day: A call for everyone to honour the resilience of asylum seekers, migrants and refugees, embrace them and create a safe and welcoming environment for all.

SABC Channel Africa: Youth Day June 2021: Let us bury our national differences and build a safe South Africa that is free from xenophobia, hatred and discrimination that also integrates all youths including asylum seekers, migrants and refugees.

SABC Channel Africa: Africa Day: CoRMSA  congratulates Africa and speaks about the need for African state governments to take full responsibility in protecting the human rights of refugees, migrants and asylum seekers in a way that advances solidarity and unity among Africans.


News 24: Behind the arrests: Hundreds of xenophobic attack suspects in custody, but is the ‘just a crime’ approach working?

SABC Morning Live: Desmond Tutu Refugee Reception Centre

Aljazeera: What behind South Africa’s violence towards foreigners| Inside Story

Daily Maverick: Violence against non-nationals and women affects us all, whoever we are.

News 24: Soweto Lootings, No programmes in place to prevent future tensions

The Citizen: Soweto Lootings: No plans to place in place to prevent future tension

Reuters: No Papers but a home: Somali Women take on South Africa’s Property Market

IOL: #WorldRefugeeDay- Calls for South Africa to implement SADC Visa

New Frame: Dying in Johannesburg

New Frame: Aid systems fails good students

SAFM: The View Point TheAfrikanNarrative: Journalist’s Guide to Reporting on Migration

Daily Maverick: Xenophobia is flaring pre-elections- but its not only politicians  who are to blame

IOL: Backlash as countries urged to foot health bills of immigrants

SAFM:Foreign Nationals set to pay for public healthcare

IOL: Stabbed in the back for being a foreigner

Berea Mail: Xenophobic attacks a political hot potato

SAFM: Foreign Nationals vs Locals

IOL: Call for probe into why asylum seeker died standing in a queue

Daily Maverick: No Citizenship, No Financial Aid: Refugee students in SA get raw 


ENCA Coverage on Xenophobia Attack’s in Soweto

Lindela Repatriation Centre World Refugee Day Picket Coverage:         refugees#.WyubQaczbIU

Times Live: Heritage Day not a celebration for foreign nationals

World Refugee Day Marabastad Picketing 

New Frame:  DA’s populist immigration campaign condemned.





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