This initiative of establishing a SADC Regional Migrants Network (SADC-RMN) emerged from discussions and inputs from the Consortium of Refugees and Migrants South Africa (CoRMSA), Centre for Migrant Rights Malawi, Swaziland Migrant Mine Workers Association and Southern Africa Trust. In the SADC region, there has been limited progress on the implementation of the SADC Protocol on the Facilitation of Movement of Persons, which seeks to progressively eliminate obstacles for regular movement within SADC. The SADC –Regional Migration Network aims to strengthen the voices and organisations of marginalised, displaced and poor people in regional policy with the view of ensuring that there is improved access to justice, equality and rights protection for asylum seekers, refugees and migrants in the region. The role of SADC Regional

The  SADC Regional Migrant Network will undertake

the following:

1. COORDINATION: The SADC Regional Migrants Network (SADC-RMN) will coordinate and facilitate the up-scaling of policy advocacy interventions of migrants by civil society organisations and vulnerable people –based platforms at the regional and national level.

2. ADVOCACY: SADC-RMN will also support advocacy efforts at regional and national level. The network will mobilize civil society groupings and organisations working on migration issues within the SADC region. The network will mobilise credible voices of the poor and assist to articulate issues through supporting the development of a policy position.

3. LEADERSHIP AND GOVERNANCE: The regional network will aim to support civil society groups and people based platforms to strengthen their leadership and governance system. This will facilitate effective policy advocacy interventions.

4. APPLIED RESEARCH: The network will also generate new and relevant knowledge that will feed into the advocacy work of the network

5. POLICY DIALOGUE: The network will also facilitate stakeholder dialogue between government and civil society

groups, working towards a formalised mechanism


6. FUNDRAISING: The network will also fundraise for funds to support the national members of the network

in their programme activities on migration


For more information please download the SADC Regional Migrants Network information brochure.