CoRMSA joined a number of picketers at Desmond Tutu Refugee Reception Centre in Pretoria today, to stand up against the illegal arrest of asylum seekers. These include Kopanang Africa Against Xenophobia (KAAX), South African Refugee Led Network,  Lawyers for Human Rights (LHR)  and Scalabrini Centre of Cape Town.  These events aim to protest unjust detention and potential deportations occurring during the asylum application process—a clear violation of both national and international protections.

The demands are as follows:

  • Cease Immigration Arrests at RROs: Stop the arrest of new asylum applicants at all Refugee Reception Offices (RROs).
  • Access to Asylum: Ensure that the asylum system is accessible without hindrance to new applicants.
  • Non-Refoulement: Prevent the forced return of individuals to countries where they face persecution, violence, or war.


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