#DocumentUs Campaign: CoRMSA calls for Birth registration and certificates for all children

CoRMSA calls Home Affairs to fulfil its constitutional and international obligation of providing all children in migration with a name and nationality by granting them access to birth certificates, which is essential for every child on eTV. Click the link below to listen: https://cheeky-media.wetransfer.com/downloads/7a3e9ef92d7ff509e5214e8b812ec20b20210811123616/1ee4facb98ad456882b68a8d8a32a32120210811123616/b5bc33  

CoRMSA’s presentation to the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development

CoRMSA recommends that the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development should monitor and ensure that all the policy developments and implementations are in compliance with the Constitution. This is to ensure that everyone, including asylum seekers, refugees and migrants are equally protected before the law as a way of reducing xenophobic actions, racism, …