CoRMSA in collaboration with Action Support Centre is hosting Heritage Day Commemorations in Orange Farm, Johannesburg to recognise and honour the rich cultural diversity of South Africans including migrants under the theme: Indigenous Heritage Month: Maintaining Traditional Practices While Promoting Social Cohesion and a Green Economy.
The commemoration aims to promote social cohesion and uphold the constitutional mandate to respect human rights regardless of origin, nationality, sexual orientation, race, or ethnicity.
Harmony is essential for the “unification and upliftment” of people of African heritage in terms of economic, social and political growth- Pan-Africanism. It is therefore important to establish a solid foundation of a sustainable movement that forges unity and solidarity and fight systems that subjects us to objects of poverty and divide Africans.
“Together, we stand, Divided we fall,”  Nelson Mandela
Other organisations present – Department of Sports, Arts and Culture, City of Johannesburg, Community Police Forum and AKDA

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